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Touché Amoré – Lament Lyrics

Lament Lyrics – Touché Amoré

It’s early so I’m feeling vulnerable
So do what you will
For the sake of you I’m poised
with what I understand is joy
Shouldered cries from everywhere
I expect no different

You’d think by now I’d know my place
But I lose it almost every day
You’d think by now I’d have a grip
But again I’ve let it slip

If I’m out on a limb admiring something
It may crack in two, I feel nothing
Not the question preceding, or how I’m feeling
But I’ve carried the world today, I have convinced myself

I drank from the deepest pond
When the ocean did me wrong
Now I’m left with what I’ve known all along

So I lament
Then I forget
So I lament
Till I reset

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