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MC Virgins – Big Bag Lyrics

Big Bag Lyrics – MC Virgins

I ain’t really wanna rap, but the shit slaps
Louie, Gucci, Fendi, man, I’m walkin’ out with six bags
Her emotion roller coaster, call that Six Flags
Febreze bottle every time I hear the bitch laugh
Ayy, we goin’ back to back
Don’t got a platinum plaque, my homie call me a snack
I’m makin’ more than your dad, I did this shit off of rap
And if you’re callin’ me trash, then I’ma get really sad

MC God, bitch, always stay strapped
It’s like a standing ovation the way her cheeks clap
Bitch, I’m fresh out the closet they way my drip swag
You know I’m chillin’, I got on the minion backpack
I got the SpongeBob drip on my hands
I got the Crocs, bitch, you got the Vans
I’m just built different, I do what you can’t
That bitch sh want me, I feel like the man

Two fat bitch s and they dancin’ on Gibby
We got the whole crowd bumpin’ when we come to your city
But we ain’t even tourin’, I’m swervin’ when I whip the foreign
This shit borin, I’m Ralph Lauren the way I pull up
Gibby try to kiss me, like too close
All this MC Virgins money for new clothes
And two ho’s, each of them can come to my new home
The greatest internet rapper, put that on my tombstone

Bitch rockin’, wrist clockin’
It’s kinda hard to walk when I keep these thick pockets, okay
MC Wasian flowin’ and you won’t stop it
Now MC Gibby, get up in here, gotta finish off

Papi Gibby on the track with another rhythm
Kudge pulled up and he got some tubby bitches with him
Never losin’ money, only doin’ more addition
Big bag on me, got about a million in it

I ain’t never had sex before, I got a-
I ain’t never had sex before, I got a-
I ain’t never had sex before, I got a-
Stop the cappin’, they told me I gotta stop rappin’
Told ’em stop the cappin’
Open up your mind (Stop the cappin’)
Don’t open up your thighs (Stop the cappin’)
Skinny bitches, thick bitches, I like all kinds (Stop the cappin’, stop the cappin’, stop the cappin’)
Sex is really gross, but I wanna have it
Treat these bitches like a tire- (Step up in this bitch)

Beat switch on these bitches
I’m fire, arson committed
We winnin’, killin’ the game like reaper, we never missin’, ayy
We the best in the game, bitch, MC Virgins goin’ places
Ain’t no need to be based, bitch, MC Prophet gettin’ famous
I have sex with all these women
Gettin’ tired, can’t even finish
All my homies, they got bitches
You will never catch me simpin’
I got bitches, hold up, let me finish
Take her to the room then I nutted in a minute (In a minute)

My money blue, just like a democrat
Shorty booty lookin’ hella fat
I’m super hot, check the thermostat
Got a penthouse, like I’m Johnny Gat
Got a million views, tell ’em fuck that
Hundred K subs, I ain’t got a plaque
Playin’ EB Games, tell ’em copy that
Only five Virgins, ain’t no copycats

Big bag, big bag
Big-, big-, big-, big-