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Dvne – Omega Severer Lyrics

Omega Severer Lyrics – Dvne

A thousand threads enfold before me
One thousand strands of gold
I soar to new planes
Stunning singularity

A righteous cessation

I am nameless yet others name me.
An Epithet to fathom.
I live on the wind
Grandeur I no longer need

Once Sigma, Severed
Now Omega, Deserved
A mortal state, Obsolete
New paradigm, Divine

Yumathir Assid─ôre Limina Anubi
Anubi eros sublime
Eahtatene. Ammit. Eahtatene.
Maikoho trascendere
Eyota transcendere

With vacant eyes
And empty shells
They hold their spears
With no will to yield

As time kneeled down

Our myth of merit
And grandeur for us all
The myth of lies
An obscured reality
The sacrifice of the Shudra
Omega Severed

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