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MURS – The D.O.C Lyrics

The D.O.C Lyrics – MURS

Aye cuz, aye cuz
Aye blood, aye blood
Aye cuz, aye cuz
Aye blood, aye blood

S-s-s-s-s-sinister mob
You wanna throw dirt on my name to finish the jive
They wanna bury me because they’re scared of me
And best believe these motherfuckers ain’t prepared for me
Verily, verily I say un-ity
Let go of the hate if you wanna be free
Rest in peace, Sean P
I’m somethin’ like Gandhi sippin’ Dom P
Shout-out to Dom Pé
And if you wanna play let the AK spray
I don’t speak patois
Keep running your mouth and I’ma tap that jaw
Don’t let the dreadlocks fool ya
I shoot like Rick The Ruler leave a clip in your medulla
I’m Tarantino for my people
Intellectually violent no comparison or equal
My vocabulary lethal, injected earphones with a baritone needle
If you hungry I will feed you
The knowledge no cost, if you lost then I’ma lead you
Aye, aye

Aye cuz, aye cuz
Aye blood, aye blood
Aye cuz, aye cuz
Aye blood, aye blood

S-s-sixteen million of us locked up
Mike made out the bullets that shot Pac up
That’s a metaphor, I’m giving you a metaphor
If we don’t learn from our past, then what we’re headed for
Repetition ain’t a revolution
My people goin’ in circles, my nigga, what we doin’
We wanna milly rock and shuffle our feet
Gotta pay for the pussy, you can’t fuck for free
That means if life is a bitch
You gotta pay your dues you wanna see them tits
Y’all pickin’ up when I’m puttin’ down
That dooch y’all call the king is just a fucking clown
Y’all put a crown on him and forgot the truth
Just like a dentist put a crown on a rotten tooth
He’s the root of all evil
Worshipping the cash yet you’re asking him to lead you
Straight to hell on a path paved with gold
Y’all better be happy I’m here to save y’all soul
My crippin’ been weird, my pen has been feared
My pimpin’ sincere, yeah bitch I’m in here
In ya ear tryna give you the game
Can’t change your mind til I change the frame
Perspective, perspective is everything
Change how you look at it and it’ll change everything