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Roc Marciano – Baby Powder Lyrics

Baby Powder Lyrics – Roc Marciano

When they concentrated cocaine and made it into crack
What they couldn’t eliminate was that depressive let down
That occurs when you stop using cocaine (snorting)
What cocaine does is it boasts your ego
It makes you feel good about yourself
It allows you to function at a higher level

Red AMG GT with the beak
The V was looking like a tahitian treat
The Tech-9 was beneath the seat
Check the time on the Patek Philippe
I bust the check it was sweet as a nectarine
Stepped on the Ki’s, did the pepper seed
We stretched 10 to 17, a fled for 10 speed (…)
Connect with the team of Medellin
Cream soda mixed with codeine
I cracked the code like Keanu Reeves
The numbers in the binary, lime green
That’s all I see (That’s all I see boy)
I’m aligning my Ch’i
You on the mic lying through oversized teeth
It’s all cap, you probably missed that
I cop a VV, you tryna be sneaky
Lean on a Prada beanie, I feel like Adebesi
Pina coladas in Waikiki, shit got kinky
Thick redbone riding me like Pinky
She thinking I’m Ryan Phillippe
For real, they even been feeling me in the Philippines
I’m feeling pleased
The industry is a pyramid scheme, a den of thieves
The dinner isn’t free, we had to 50 piece the Embassy suites
Wherever there’s chicken, there’s plenty grease
Got it out the mud, boy
We’re gonna get it hustling drugs or by gunpoint
We up some points
Got a couple young sluts up at Hunter’s Point
Making a bunch of noise
You bum niggas stunk up the joint
The funk too pungent to cover it up with a joint
What a joy (what up playboy)
What a joy

Shoot first ask questions later
The trainers is made out of alligator
It ain’t for later congratulate us
Spray your brain up like some S-Curl activator
Then get back to the paper
The face on the piguet is half a glacier
You might be mistaken for steak ‘um
You’re light beef
All the neighbors heard after the gunshots was the tire screech
Any guy say he’s flyer than me, it’s a reach
Don’t tear an oblique and a hamstring
We don’t eat ham king
Where I’m from hammers ring
Can’t be mishandling things
I’m not a square but yet my hands is clean
Cotton candy minks, Miami links
Never let an outsider know what the family thinks
Hand me my drink
Bitch you’re not even my speed
My product gave the fiends highbeams
I just kick it while my haters watch on IG
These shades are 8 or 9 G’s
Stay away from the biters like it’s the HIV
Check the doppelgangers for fake ID