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Roc Marciano – Broadway Billy Lyrics

Broadway Billy Lyrics – Roc Marciano

Extra, extra, read all about it

Broadway Billy
Broadway Billy
Broadway Billy
Broadway Billy

My fizzle ton
The dark enhancement
The gallery department brain so big
The words make you get a head enlargement
The birds up early eating breakfast and turkey sausage
I’m young Tony Bennett in the silver and black phantom
Nothing rented
Yellow balls in the truck, you ready to play tennis in tints
Don’t touch if you wiser with hand sanitizer
Tap my chauffeur driver, I’m Don Wilson
Magnificent, so brilliant
Escorted with tuxedos inside the building
Hors d’oeuvres in chatrooms
Rappers star struck, hiding from me in the bathroom
She got a fur coming down on the steps
Big on her neck like a baboon
Fly to side in the King Calloway shoes
Then fretted with Annabelle going up the stairs
Come here dear
Like Gomez with Morticia
You hold the door for me when I enter
Platinum plaques, Mr. Atlantic, Motown special driving off
Sammy Davidson, the door man hand me the ladies
Dorothy Hammill, you look gorgeous lady
Elegant, while the many are irrelevant
Don’t miss the ballistics

Broadway Billy
Broadway Billy
Broadway Billy
Broadway Billy

My life brighter than a thousand suns
The pump shotty come with a round drum
The gun woke the whole town up
I’m cold blooded, I need a coat in the summer
I’m always by the stove like an old woman
This is home cooking
They ain’t put this shit in the booklet
Then booked the kid, left him stuck like a pin cushion
We kept it pushing
No bullshit
Crept on the next juggs like a leopard in the bushes
All I can smell is pussy, there’s no word to better put it
Dumped the big joint out the Royce in the Troy
Had the Cartis on, niggas thought I was Royce
Left them moist
Collect toys with the extra coins
I’m poised
We mixed the soda with opioids
We on that boy
Gotta a few plugs, pa it’s Trugoy
It’s a true joy
As long as I don’t lose my voice
All I need’s the stu and one Q like ScHoolboy
I bet I proved my point like a schoolboy
Your whole life story’s letters rogatory
My watch like a rock quarry on me
From that they call me Roc Corleone
Frozen rollie just like some groceries
Those are trophies, diamond chokers my throat freeze
Sprinkle of weed and coca leaves
I’m leaving, grab my coat please
Keep the beam in my cream Dolce jeans
You know the steeze
Motherfucker you know my steeze