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Roc Marciano – Butterfly Effect Lyrics

Butterfly Effect Lyrics – Roc Marciano

Mt. Marci, baby
What you say, what you say, uh

I told my young boy, “Trust the process”
Even Malcolm X once rocked the process
Used to pump in the projects, now we fundin’ projects
My Goonies burn the block, soon as you come for my neck
Throw my [?] on the bicep
Threw a whole four in the Spyder, it was high tech
Cool out, before you get side stepped
Did Butterfly Effect
I’m not a pilot, but I will personally fly your head
That’s just the tip of the iceberg
100k in ice, lay on the ice bird
Rock the white fur, like I’m Iceberg
You see me Driving the Flying Spur, like it’s a piece of shit Chrysler
Cop the Aston Vanquish, I’m taking advantage
My bitch laced your Purple Haze your blazin with Xanax
Crushed it up with the Amex
Nigga woke up wearing pajamas
Holding all the dirty work, She like Kurt Rambis

(I like how he hit them motherfuckin bars, bet you cleaned it up)

What you say, What you say, uh
What you say, uh

(Get Money)

Blow the horn and summon the demons
Two shooters pull up in demons
We keep up with the seasons
Ice on my neck, I’m fuckin’ freezin’
We not cut light and we need seasonin’
Plus a few key ingredients
Uh, yeah I’m talking spicy
Cop lil’ mami the Cayenne
Oh the Irony
Keep the iron in the jeans, like they need ironing
Cartier wide frames, like we in the ivy league
Bend your wifey 90 degrees and let my Nikes breeze
I believe these are Ronnie Seikaly’s, the sneaker is size 19
And the all white beamer look like ice cream
You finally reached the mountain top
If albums fly, my third eyes not calcified
I’m outside, like the house on fire
Cut off the power source
For coming out your mouth all fly
I just did that off the fly
We might slide on you, like the water ride
Dog, if you ever cross the line
Pop you like a cork on the wine
You see I’m walking on sunshine
Forever screaming, Fuck one-time

(Fuck em)

What you say, What you say, uh
Uh, Uh
What you say, What you say, uh

(Get Money)