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Roc Marciano – Mt. Marci – Album Lyrics / Tracklist

Artist: Roc Marciano
Album: Mt. Marci
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Release Date: November 16, 2020

“Intro (Allegories)”
“Downtown 81”
“Covid Cough”
“Wheat 40’s”
“Spirit Cooking”
“Pimps Don’t Wear Rabbits”
“Butterfly Effect”
“The Eye of Whorus”
“Steel Vagina”
“Broadway Billy”
“Baby Powder”
“Trenchcoat Wars”
“Wiked Days”
“Garbage Pal Kids”
“Crockett N Tubbs”
“Mt. Marci”

Roc Marciano – Mt. Marci 2020