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Roc Marciano – Mt. Marci Lyrics

Mt. Marci Lyrics – Roc Marciano

Can’t take to heart what true lovers say naked in the dark
That’s the surest way to break a sacred bond
Undercovers hating like they some cops
Just keep my name out of your mouth
Everything will be fine
I’m a forever be fly, I’ll come check you my guy, I’m verified
Play me, You better be wearing some teflon ahead of time
Ride on you until the tread on the tires catch fire
For worshipping false idols you’ll get fed to my pet lions
Tech-9 in the Cabana lining
Kinda like the Nas line when he hid the iron
Pressure busts pipes, but it makes diamonds
We danced on the china like Frankie Lymon
And washed the gunshot trauma with Bacardi Limon
Ferrari ridin, we mobbin
Line my pocket
I got all this from rhymin inside the pocket
Gallery Department carpet
The cars still Hardcastle and McCormick
The ghost is paranormal
It’s royal
The roof on the condo got the gargoyles
Enjoy the spoils
I wrote this song with coke oil
You can smoke off the foil
The rose grow from the soil
The rose gold rollie got froze from rose water
Spill on ya
Might catch pneumonia

I rain it up without a loan
I guess you can say I’m coming into my own
I just dropped a comma on some stones, so I don’t feel alone
My lil’ homie just caught a Ha-mo (Homocide)
I got mixed feelings about you bro, but I’m not a mullato
I was driving in the Milano
Death is final, We playing God’s role
I just sold my Diablo
I’m trying to keep the most high close
I cry while I wrote
Soon it might be my time to go
But what do I know
Pops was a wino, but he was fly though
The pineal gland, it look like a pinecone
That’s what I was told
Sole provider was Mama’s Stove
They turned the light off, it was cold
I grind with the hoes and [???]
Where I’m from we don’t hit the lotto
The road got potholes
The pole made the op feel macho
Kinda like a dyke with a dildo
Chill hoe
Ain’t that a bitch yo