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Netrum & Halvorsen – Shivers Lyrics

Shivers Lyrics – Netrum & Halvorsen

It started out on a Wednesday and I couldn’t figure out why you would be mad at me
You say it’s nothing, but it never ever drained, it’s just like that
It’s always whatever, anyway every time we try to talk I am out of here everyday
It’s always something, but we never ever change, it’s just like that

I get the shivers
Whenever I’m thinking about you
Just wanna leave and live without you
Be on my own again
I get the shivers
Whenever you go out of line, yeah
I feel it creeping down my spine, yeah
Wanna be alone again

It’s almost nighttime waiting for the right time
Gotta get this right I’m scared of death
Scared of your eyes looking into my eyes
Scared that I’ll let out and hold my breathe

Wake up one morning and see your face, I can feel it coming back, these shivers are everyday
I say it’s over I get out of bed to leave, yeah just like that

I got the shivers
Whenever I would think about you
Now that I left I live without you
I’m on my own again
I got the shivers
Whenever you went out of line, yeah
[?] like everything is fine, yeah
‘Cause now I’m alone again