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Sukihana – Cupcakke Bummy!!!! Lyrics

Cupcakke Bummy!!!! Lyrics – Sukihana

You big motherfucker, what a buffalo
Got my name in your fucking mouth bitch
You thought I was gone say nothing?
Bitch, ain’t nobody scared of your fat stank ass
You stank, you fish

Enough is enough I’m sick of going back and forth
I’m ’bout to really give this bitch what she asking for
Thought suki was a joke and couldn’t rap with her?
I took them Gucci shades off now I’m masking up
You trash ass fuck
Somebody come and back her up
I’m ’bout to crush this hoe, wow, hashtag her up
Yeah I talked about your mama is you mad or what?
Fuck a dis track get it like jack-a-lot
She backing up, she bad, body sad as fuck
Hoe your weight is the only thing adding up
You fat as fuck, add these to a big mac truck
Bought to kill everything toe tag her up
To keep it real, I don’t really want no trouble
I’m really sorry about the shit I said about your mother
Yeah, I went a little too far I admit, kids and a mother should be left off limits, Sike!
I hope the day that your momma had passed away
That her should floated up and she went to the pearly gates
She asked to get inside and they told her she was denied
Then she tried to sneak in and got hit with a clothes line
Quick, yeah, I got her on her toes now
Bare people heard this and said I need to slow it down
They say I took the bag with it wait a minute war now
I’m the one that’s really been banging her up the whole time
I been waiting for a bitch who think she rap better
Thinking ima wasy win and stood down to my level
Now watch how fast I get this bitch together
Put her next to her momma and use the same shovels
The I really liked that line about my only fans
How I only fuck with niggas if I know they paying
Fat bitch you ain’t used to niggas spending them bands
So I really don’t expect for you to understand
Bitch stop for a turn then they big your pac
And it go too far and a bitch get shot
Bitch mad ’cause I’m everything that she not
You getting boddied by a bitch from loving hip hop
Suicide its a suicide
Wish that she had worked last time you tried
Hoe tried to kill her self but that bitch survived
20 suicide attempts is how you steal a lie
Hoe, seeing my name then you made up that decision
And I’m ’bout to show this hoe how I’m living
Every single Monday you seen me on television talking bout my onlyfans but that hoe got a subscription
Should’ve kept you’ mouth closed bitch and been quiet
Don’t you know seeing my name hoe will start a fucking riot
This wide bodied bitch really think that she a giant
Ima slay this hoe like david did goliath
Tried dirty hoe your shoes small and your feet be so when chicken wings the only thing that a bitch deep throat
Think she finna bully suki?
You must be sleep hoe
What you got on my, 40?
Bitch I’m dbo
With them big ass shoulders you so wide receiver
Woah water buffalo bitch I hate to be you
Bitch probably leak chicken grease when she bleeding
Give a whole bunch of cupcakes when you need her

And bitch I ain’t done
I’m finna get your ass out off a hearse
It’s a carb cake, cup cake and it’s a birth cake
But you ashing, nasty, dashing, crashing
Bitch breathing heavy talking ’bout she asthmatic
Hoes on my dick hooked like crack addicts
You want a Nicki feature but it’s not gon’ happen
When I see your momma I’m stomp her casket
Huh, I can tell that your shook
Pussy ass hoe you could never run with the whoop
Infected ass pussy think it’s time that you dish
Bitch you broke down little injured that could
I think I can, I think I can, I think I can not
Crack head hoe smoking on ham hoc
Huh that’s why you want my dad?
Niggas finna be a double homicide

Fuck that hoe
You big motherfucking blood bath bitch
Fuck that fucked fuck
Naw let me get her let me get her
Let me get this big nasty motherfucker
This big nasty