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contradash – ​still lookin’ in the wrong places for it Lyrics

​still lookin’ in the wrong places for it Lyrics – contradash

One, two, three

Well aren’t you just a heartstring puppeteer
Couple of cotton threads keeping it all here babe
Just like everybody else I know
And she hate it eyes rollin every time I notice her now
Fiendin’ for a love and could do it without one
But the world spin quicker if you ever outrun it
And my girl twin sister looking like she wanna try
It out with me and wild out with me, I’m

Still looking in the wrong places for it
If you don’t break then I’ma bend it my way fasho
And its all gravy
714 951 what made me
Watch your tone and get home safely
Do you real bad
Fucking with your stupid lil friends
All them yellow lights never mad me feel bad, uh

How you feel right quick? (slow down)
I’m for sure to do the dash cause I’m built like this

[?] hate me dawg
A couple mill at 22 if I was you then I would hate me dawg
And till my dawgs touch down my homies is off here
You can hit my phone number but don’t ever call here
Yeah you can hit the phone