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Duke Deuce – Duke Nukem Freestyle Lyrics

Duke Nukem Freestyle Lyrics – Duke Deuce

(Once again I’m locked in with TP we finna make a hit)

Triple M the general
Got stripes like a leiger
Flood the city with zaza bitch
I am not a liar
Strapped up with this toolie oolie
Knock down your empire
Big MEMPHIS, messiah
Duke Deuce I’m on fire
It get gangster like the wire
I’m outta here like cyber
All my shit like wipers
You fell off like a viper
Work like I get 8 legs in the trip just like a spider
No time, I one night her
Drop heat like Al-Qaeda

Triple M the army
Got hella chops and plenty Glocks
Thirsty ass nigga man you better not get your soda popped
On your block like baby bop
I keep the purple baby bop
Better not get baby bopped
I’ll let the baby 30 bop

Outside, ice cream, inside, lima bean,
Lemon squeeze, but the beam, green that’s a lima bean
Made men general so you know I run things
Chilling with a bad bitch from Haiti
Tell me nice tings
I slide on some niggas so I got slid on
Done roll with some niggas that I gotta roll on
Done ran with some hitters, I put a hit on
Long story short, ain’t no love in my home

M.E.M.P.H.I.S my city known for pimping
2020 ain’t shit changed
We breaking bitches
To be honest I ain’t really used to having girlfriends
I’m used to hoes setting niggas up to bring they backs in
Tell the boys the packs in
It’s time to bring the racks in
Wanna rob a Mac then you got to meet this MAC-10
Got the bows to hit the ring
Pack strong, it’s Listerine
Shout me I’ll give em hell
Don’t eye ball it, I want the scale
Boy your underage
I do not fuck with 12
I was chucking up the racks way before I was 12
Fore I let a nigga tell
Ima go by myself
Too much money on me now
I’ll send goons like some mail
Hoe don’t ever get it twisted
I can rock by myself
I don’t want to hit your shit
I only drink on top shelf
Hit your house with them shells
Turn that bitch to a snail
Then we dipped back to the mansion
That bitch big as a whale

Young rich nigga with them bows still like the rock
Duke he a fat nigga but don’t get your hoes knocked
Bad bitch but still cut her off like a roadblock, uh
One thing for certain a bitch can’t do is show stop, uh
Tryna be the crazy bitch
It get your phone blocked, uh
Fuck a wed lock, uh
Grip her dreadlocks, uh
Make the bed rock, uh
Yeah I want the same thing when you hear that Duke Deuce
Make your head rock

Y’all know what the fuck going on Nigga, aye aye
Big mac shit
No savage shit
You hear me
Errthang’ proper
Proper preparation
Prevents poor performance
You know where we going
Real gangster shit
All my niggas wit this shit
You hear me
It’s triple M the muhfucking mob
Everybody muhfucking soldier’s
You fuck around get yo ass robbed
We ain’t playing wit you niggas
Errthang money, all my shit money, yuh
My house money, my bitch money, yuh Errthang money bitch and
I’m stuffing that shit
In all FIVE pockets