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Dezzie – Opp Diddy Bop Lyrics

Opp Diddy Bop Lyrics – Dezzie X Headie One

Yo ching showers in my jacket
Don’t let me back it
Splash stop moving dramatic
Ding dong 4door automatic
Live o corn hop out no rabbit
Officer buying smoke is a habit
Grab it do it in style don’t brag it
Junbug to bumba heratic
Real bad boy ofb top bandit

Ttrap like 007
Bro to loose he try whoosh off his melon
I love when she sucks on my bellend
Best slop top feels like I’m in heaven
Ay Babe ima hazard like Eden
Why u think I got kicked out year 11
Skl days had a flicky in lesson
Uh I coulda got done for possessions

Yo every little helps like Tesco
So me to I still roll with my chinger spinner
125 or a dinger fill this Jerry like springer
My south ting come way to inah
She wanna know if gang done down got down a sinner
Cool kid bad man ima winner
I heard shawty wanna have me for dinner

Opp block diddy bop
Dance with smoke no we don’t milly rock
Thing in the pot due to make it all lock
T love trap he don’t run out of stock
My bae bae thinks I’ve lost the plot
Cah I’m in uh uh tryna get a boy shot
No we can’t go gauchos
Sorry ur forgetting my face to hot

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