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Lil Durk – India, Pt. 3 Lyrics

India, Pt. 3 Lyrics – Lil Durk

The way you snatched my heart, feel like you had it before
The way i kiss your lips, feel like i kissed you before
Fuck you from the back, feel like i hit it before
And i asked you for some anus, like you ain’t did it before
Before me, I don’t care who was before me
Lonely, now you ain’t gotta be lonely
My baby
I gravitated towards your love for the making
Yeah, Yeah ,Yeah
Our marriage
Make sure you make a hundred M’s off cosmetics
When i decide to get you a ring i’m getting all carats
And they sneak diss from fake pages, they all jealous
And when i do tell you i love you it don’t be small letters
And you gon’ cuss a nigga out trynna fuck for some Margielas
I hate when you try to ignore me
They tried to say that you ain’t for me
I had to figure it out on my own, had to take you on this journey
Got my heart screamin’ uhuhuh mhmhmh
Stop movin’ girl, Im bout to cum
I changed your life from the ghetto
You got me screamin’ falsetto
Put you in that rose gold, take off that metal
Love when your landing, see you at arrivals
No label song wasn’t for you, i need a title
Done fuckin’ these hoes everywhere i need a bridal
She don’t care to be around my boys
You concealed to carry my heart like [?]
I don’t want no different hoes like Floyd
Give you my last name that’s Banks like Lloyd
I’m holding you down
You so used to clowns
Pop up unannounced
Told me he a mouse
Told me don’t give him pounds
Told me he ain’t allowed
Told me he ain’t my crowd
It was true so i’m proud

Make me proud, make me proud, make me proud, make me proud Baby