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Oliver Francis – Devil’s Advocate Lyrics

Devil’s Advocate Lyrics – Oliver Francis

Yeah, ayy
Fuck around and vibe with me one time
Lately I’ve been smokin’ backwoods to unwind
Think you love me through my flaws, I don’t know why
I keep the marijuana sparked as I ride by, yeah
Smokin’ different flavors, this shit is fragrant
Couple girls keep me company but you my favorite
Flexed up with a flooded out tennis bracelet
Kick it in my New Balance, kick it in my Asics, ayy
Askin’ bout me, I been on the same shit
Rollin’ up weed, worried ’bout the payment, ayy
You get a lil paper, man, and shit’ll change quick
But I be in the same city with the same friends
Drop top Trans Am
Ridin’ through Ashland
And we gon’ smoke the whole damn 28 grams
Yeah, the style is hectic
Widely respected
Talkin’ all that good shit
But you ain’t nothin’ but a bitch, I detect it
Screamin’ M.O.B. to the death
Take a lil off the top
And hit my partners with the the rest, uh
Shawty, what you sippin’?
The money, that’s the mission
How you rock a Thrasher tee and don’t got a subscription?
The shit’s a fuckin tragedy
These rappers lack a message
Playin’ devil’s advocate, I’m guilty of the flexin’
I could give a fuck if you respectin’ my progression
Keep your criticism, every single day a blessing