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Oliver Francis – KAMABOKO Lyrics

KAMABOKO Lyrics – Oliver Francis

You know what I mean? Like, the average dude gotta go out and look for trouble. I be sitting around, minding my own business and dude come up
“Hey, man, you’re Dave Chapelle?”
Like, “Yeah, what’s up, man?”
“Hey, I got twelve naked bitches in a hot air balloon, you tryna roll with me?”
*Crowd laughing*

Check, check
Check it

Yo, I hit the jeweler, got some golds
I sold a lil’ weed, but I could never sell my soul
And when I’m in LA, you find me out in lil’ To’
Kamaboko in my ramen, I’ma need another bowl, let’s go
Yeah, probably roastin’ a L
Probably laid up with lil’ shawty, watchin’ Ghost in the Shell
Just a product of Bam Margera and David Chappelle
Make the music in my heart, I give a fuck if it sell
Yeah, it’s hard to be humble when you pull up in a Gundam
This the shit that I would dream about when I was younger
Now I’m dancing on the clouds and they can’t pull me under
It’s a long way down, standin’ on the edge of summer, yo, ayy
White Zinfandel on my wrist
Champagne with the chicken strips, lil’ shawty my honey dip, yuh
Spit the flame, bitch, I been ablaze, yeah
I got the sauce, some’ like Chick-fil-A, ayy
The train cars appear empty, but they full of my ghosts
My head is littered with all of these silly wishes and hopes
Stop a second, try to breathe a minute
Suitcase with travel size toothpaste and demons in it (Yo)
Yeah, I try to find the words but then I stumble, I choke
My head is littered with all of these silly wishes and hopes
You can only help yourself
On some Disney shit, bitch, I should wreck it in my Ralph, yo
They ask me what I do and who I do it for
I did it for some pussy and a O of dro
You find me at the crib, I’m just layin’ low
Middle finger to the cops while we blowin’ smoke, ayy
We bottle poppin’ at the Wingstop
Eatin’ lemon pepper, we’re drinkin’ Cîroc
These rappers cappin’ and act like this shit is cutthroat
But all I see a bunch of pussies through the blunt smoke, uh
And you pussies don’t want smoke, yuh
Saitama with the hands, bro
You gettin’ knocked the fuck out with only one blow
Pullin’ up, Rolls Royce, suicide doors
Retros, Jordan 4’s, and my neck froze
Stealin’ flows, it’s feelin’ like Attack of the Clones
Just feelin’ like Attack of the Clones
Stealin’ flows, it’s feelin’ like Attack of the Clones, yo