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Rubi Rose – Whole Lotta Liquor Lyrics

Whole Lotta Liquor Lyrics – Rubi Rose

Damn (Pour)
Got me takin’ shots and I don’t even drink (Super, yeah, yeah)
Fuck it (Pour)
Oh yeah
Yeah, baby, don’t act crazy
Yeah, sum’ ’bout me, like, oh
Oh, oh-oh-oh-oh, yeah
Yeah (Rubi)

He know I like to bite so he bite back (Back)
Send a lil’ money on my Cashapp (Cashapp)
Ain’t sayin’ love, that ho bounce back (Ayy, ayy)
Uh, yeah, give me all (All)
Put that all for the pounds, boy (Boo)
He show love (Love)
I was here for a day, now it’s money on the floor (Floor)
Uh, don’t you love when I pull up your way? (Your way, ayy)
Don’t you love how I play in your bank? (Bank)
These mimosas, I’m ready to drank (Drank)
Don’t you love how you be the only one? (Only one)
I’m bummin’, this shit be ridiculous (Ridiculous)
Don’t be playin’ them games like you innocent (Ayy)
Keep it runnin’, don’t game on no pretty bitch

Whole lotta liquor, whole lotta Promethazine
High, in love, blame it on ecstasy
Trappin’ out apartments, yeah
Feel like a martian, yeah, yeah
Whole lotta drugs, it’s a shame that’s a guarantee
Whole lotta molly, wanna point a finger at me
Whole lotta liquor, ooh, she do it like a demon
I’ma keep my best too, they wet like we creamin’

Geeky (Ayy), nasty (Yeah, uh)
Backshots, slappin’ (Uh)
I take a shot, get loose (Ooh)
This pussy still yours, come grab it (Grab it)
Whole lotta liquor (Shots)
Body look real, real right, got a whole lotta niggas
He was on my line all night
Fuckin’ with the lights on, ice one (Ice)
Fuck with a boss, can’t buy one (Can’t buy one)
He love it, he tells me it’s tight (Ayy)
Leather jacket, I ride like a bike (Bike, ooh)
He creepin’, he waitin’ to slide (Slide)
He pull up my pane, slide (Inside)
Whole lotta rounds (Ooh), a whole lotta liquor (Ooh)
So you can’t keep up when I ride

I’m a big dawg, you fuck lil’ niggas
Can’t help if you downgraded
I could ship you out to South of France
Girl, just change up the location
We could sex all day but it ain’t gon’ do no good
You can’t make me better (Better)
Every time I get high
Get possessive and jealous (Why?)

Whole lotta liquor, whole lotta liquor in me
Whole lotta liquor, whole lotta liquor in me
I do tight, tight melodies
I do crime, soft felonies
Lotta liquor in me, lotta, lotta liquor in me
Lotta liquor in me, yeah, got a lotta liquor in me, woah
Temper dem, crack the top off the top sardine (Super)