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Zack Fox – Marinate Lyrics

Marinate Lyrics – Zack Fox

Ooh, ooh
(Let it marinate, ooh)
Ooh, ooh
God damn (Yeah, yeah)
Oh my God
(Let it marinate, ooh)
Uh-uh, ayy-ayy-ayy
Hol’ on baby, I know you, I know you wanna twerk but hmm (Let it marinate, ooh)
Yeah, I got a gun in shorts and hmm (Yeah, yeah)
Yeah, it could be, it can get dangerous (Let it marinate, ooh)

Hol’ on baby, yeah I know you tryna twerk somethin’
But I got the .40 in my shorts, you might hurt somethin’
I’ma buss a move just as soon as the work come
Had three bitches on my roster, I burnt one
All my niggas ugly, yeah we all need some work done
Fuckin’ up, hell nah, we ain’t learn nothin’
Got a lil’ money, still the same fuckin’ person
Rob a bitch and use the same money that I stole to get her hair done
We be in the cut like a tampon
Back in high school I rolled blunts on the Scantron
Fresh inside, fresh paint job
Slap a nigga teeth out his mouth like some AirPods
Quit talkin’ to me
I don’t use sidewalks, bitch, I walk in the streets
I like nasty hoes trappin’ all they farts in the sheets
Her coochie hairy I be gettin’ hella knots in my teeth
This a fuck nigga anthem
I was on the playground tryna smoke a Camel
You was on the playground snitchin’, you a Randal
We gon’ stomp you out like Mufasa gettin’ trampled
I done slept on every nigga couch in East Atlanta
Now I could buy everybody house on East Atlanta
Your bitch illiterate she say “Chanel” like “Channel”
She want a Birkin bag, I bought that bitch a Yankee Candle

Let it marinate (Let it marinate, ooh)
(Let it marinate)

Since my nigga died, I ain’t been well
I’ll shoot a nigga in the ass like he Denzel
I like playin’ GTA but I can’t go to the strip clubs
‘Cause the way the bitches move make my dick swell (Let it mari-)
Bitch I want it in the worst way
I used to take dollar bills out the church plate
Now I’m gettin’ figures that is difficult to calculate
Still actin’ broke, makin’ bitches pay for half the date
Don’t let me near your cookout, I’m a lie and say, “I’m somebody uncle, brother, cousin, let me get a plate”
Run up in your house like I’m gettin’ into real estate
Shoot a nigga in the dick and make his kids evaporate

Let it marinate (Let it marinate, ooh)
(Yeah, yeah, let it marinate)
Let it marinate (Let it marinate, ooh)
(Yeah, yeah, let it marinate)
(Oh woah, oh, oh woah, oh)
(Let it marinate)

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