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Uncle Murda – Rap Up 2020 Lyrics

Rap Up 2020 Lyrics – Uncle Murda

Most of da niggas I got beef wit, I used to be cool wit
Word to my kids, I shot niggas I went to school wit (dam!)
Sold crack to people that I used to look up to
Robbed niggas I just finished saying “what up?” to
We had food stamps, no silver spoon
Hard Knock life
Selling product in my environment, I got hard white (i got it!)
Screaming “Free My Niggas!” Dat I know never coming home
I strapped, risking my freedom nigga can’t leave dat gun at home (waz gud!?)
Never got it on safety, too many niggas hate me
Got interrogated for hours, police couldn’t break me (they couldn’t!)
Commissary for all my niggas dats in da can
It’s da cemetery for all dem niggas dat took da stand (bang!)
I be schooling nigga’s but dey be playing hookie
Lil nigga! Ya Big Homie-Big Homie is Pussy! (he soft!)
Niggas fold under pressure when dey hear dem numbers
Niggas start thinking bout missing all of dem summers
Now you making statement bout nigga’s ya mans shot
You ratting on niggas dat you was wit in the sand-box (goddamn!)
Crime don’t pay when you do it wit suckas
I do shit by myself or wit niggas dat’s like my brova’s
Loyalty is rare when you dealing wit street niggas
I fuck wit who I fuck wit, I un’be tryna meet niggas (nah!)
No dapping niggas, it’s ah head-nod when I greet niggas
I’m ‘Social Distancing’, play me six-feet niggas! (woo!)
Feds got “all eyez on me” like Biggie Opp
If ah body drop in my hood dey think I got da nigga shot
It wasn’t me, but my nigga did get the nigga hit
Police tryna figure out weekly, how many bricks we flip
The first head-shot killed him, his eyes rolled in his head
The other three was just to make sure that the nigga dead
Real talk, who talking like dis?
Don’t talk about how ya almost shot me if all ya did was miss
I been shot at wit better guns, fuck you was shooting nigga!?
Ya shit was going ‘pow-pow’, it wasn’t ‘BOOMING’ nigga! (it wasn’t booming!)
Dey un’make niggas like me no more, my nigga
I’m 50-Get Rich or Die Tryin’, ‘Reasonable Doubt’ Jigga

Dats how you catch ah body, oh I just caught ah body!
Niggas know my body, these nigga’s no-body!
Dats how you catch ah body, oh I just caught ah body!
These niggas know my body, these nigga’s no-body!