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Benny Soliven – Better Things Lyrics

Better Things Lyrics – Benny Soliven

Ayy, look, ayy
Ayy, look, ayy, look

You cold like these diamonds on my wrist
Wanna go to Paris? We could check it off the list
Wanna have a baby? I could put one in yo’ hips
Bust that thing down, then we bust in Ruth Chris
I like you ain’t all up in the mix
But I love when you be posin’ for your pics
X-ing out your ex, shawty had to take a risk
I ain’t pulled out and now I ain’t lookin’ back since
Checkmate, I got you in a better headspace
Come and hit this gas, shawty, we ain’t talkin’ no breaks
Let you get away? Girl, I promise you no way
Know you got a little attitude but it’s okay
I’ma give you good dick and mix it with tequila
Type a dick, forget about your past, you get amnesia
We could make a classic while we vibin’ to Selena
Wanna stay forever, I’ma give you every reason

Every time we step out in the scene, girl, it’s a movie
All these camera flashin’, girl, we love us like we Lucy
Can we catch a vibe on the water like jacuzzi
‘Cause I wanna put you in something newly
Truly, I just wanna give you everything
The way you put in on me, girl, I’m talkin’ wedding rings
I wanna upgrade you, don’t settle in
Let me try to put you on to better things

A better you makes a better me
After you, girl, there’s nothin’ really left of me
All these girls on the internet be pressin’ me
But why they try when you the best for me
Ayy, and you 5’2
You know the whole vibes when I slide through
Do me wrong, baby girl, you’re not the type to
If they know what I had, they would be hype too (For real)
Cope her Dior, I adore her when she look me in my eyes
We young so we know that some problems gonna rise
No strings attached, now we tyin’ all the ties
Since we tellin’ the whole world, let just show ’em the surprise

Let just show ’em the surprise, let just show ’em the surprise
Let just show ’em the surprise, let just show ’em the surprise
When she look me in my eyes, everything gon’ be alright
Now we tyin’ all the ties, let just show ’em the surprise