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Erick the Architect – Skinny Ramen Freestyle Lyrics

Skinny Ramen Freestyle Lyrics – Erick the Architect

They don’t like my Output or my Outlook
I’m an Apple guy anyway
New York’s renegade
Been afraid
To engage to in it
Slow at the beginning
Touch of the chameleon
Erick got no ceiling!
No drive?
Shit still power steering
No interference
No week deterrents
We should be concerned about how we tune our spirit
Instead we get embarrassed…
How weak is your marriage?
In the image of perfection
When we strive for investments
We all can’t be rich! That’s just natural selection
I know that hurt a couple of my brethren
Hey, it’s all love, I don’t do this slow stuff
I was really broke nigga, I don’t need to grow up
Had roaches in my kitchen, Ramen Noodles in my cup
When I turned 18, is when I really turned up
Before my neighborhood was gang gang shit
A bunch of us ran home, they were hime scrambling
Out scamming, him and his whole family
And then that wasn’t random, it’s more like a standard
Now I’m building fandom
I’m top 10 if I could advance it
10 years ago man they wouldn’t even chance it
Vocabulary that’s verbal enhancement
Oh it’s very scary if you gotta bring your mans in!
Loaded up a semi, take a photo now we dancing
And they saying Architect is soaking up with the bandwidth
I can change the settings, we can settle all the damage
Done shows while these other hoes canceling
If I’m the best, say the shit don’t gas it
Misspell my name and you fittin’ to get your ass kicked
More for the masses, I reach for them classics
I’m used them tactics, I move so…
From the musket to the missile
To avoid collision, I pop another pistol
I, smoke the nigga with you
Ask homie to assist you
Fast forward, where’s you goin? I’ll convince you
You got the strength, as the other people with you
No excuse if you present in the physical
If we band together we can conquer the Incredible!
Got me feeling like a shroomie or an edible
Say you better get it, or you put your kids to bed or sumn’
On the Peleton, tryna sweat off all the Cinnabon
Far from the ignorant
Bars? Let me give you sum
I take upon, anyone!
This is what they really want
I just put my city on!
50 large what he really on!
Never been the guy to spend no time at a titty bar
I was catching vibes getting by with a CD on
Hanging with the goons, they gonna ride, that’s what he be on