Joey Bada$$ – Let It Breathe Lyrics

Let It Breathe Lyrics – Joey Bada$$

Woo, uh-uh, yeah (Let’s get it buddy)
Yeah (Badmon)

Brand new 911 off the lot, off the lot
It ain’t even cost me a lot, yeah
Took that bitch back to the block, to the block
Heard a nigga just got got, uh (Buh, buh, buh, boom)

Love and peace will conquer
And clip the wings of evil and unjust
(Statik Selektah) You’ll see
Uh, turn my vocals up
Turn my vocals up

Want you to celebrate me like I’m dead already
Like this crown up on my head is heavy
Put my picture in the dictionary next to legendary
Swear I’m raisin’ every bar, and it’s like they never ready
They thrown’ dirt up on my name like I’m already buried
Graveyard shifts ’til they put me in the cemetery
Until then I’m gettin’ better every January
And it’s very scary, 2020 vision’s never blurry
I keep on droppin’ all these jewels just like I’m in a hurry
Swear to God, I’m never worried (Never)
‘Cause that’s how you live the misery twice
You see, that right there is like the greatest advice
You see, it’s a few things that I noticed in life
Like the fact that everybody got a vice and a price (What else?)
‘Cause every man got his weakness (Mm)
And all these bars got they sequence (Uh), uh
All them hidden scars but I peeped it (Grrat, grrat)
Swear to God, that first cut always hit the deepest
Never put your guard down and watch who you around
My price goin’ up every time I put my cigar down
I’m a superstar now, hopped in a supercar
No such thing as too far now
Tell ’em cuckoo broads not to call now (Brrt)
They tellin’ me to calm down
But beein’ humble was the worst mistake I ever made
Not knowin’ my worth was the biggest price I ever paid
So ’til I leave this Earth I’ma shine on niggas everyday
And I put that on everything
I came in this at seventeen and gave the game a weddin’ ring
We been honeymoonin’ since, I think it’s time to settle in
Go against the God, you could never win
I take ’em deep within to a place that they ain’t never been

Hol’ up, let that shit breathe
Uh, let that shit breathe
Hm, let that shit breathe
Mm, uh, uhm

You niggas all fries, I don’t see no threats, uh
Look after my dawgs, I’m a fuckin’ vet’, uh
Ain’t a nigga that I met who could see me yet
Just know my door’s always open like a CVS, uh
SL500 with the B-B-S, uh
Gave that to my cousin ’cause he seemed stressed, uh
Guess it’s in my genes like a seamstress
I told ’em, “Get up out your feelings, nigga, we the best,” uh (Who? We)
This ain’t no DJ Khaled pop BS nah (Listen)
That is not a diss, that’s one just for the press, uh
If I was to flex, that wouldn’t be a stretch (Nope)
I hold weight in my city, they still ain’t see me sweat
I lift the whole game with a finger, quarter
Use the same finger to finger fuck all the singer girls (Haha, haha)
I give her the diamonds but she give me the pearl (Right)
I take her abroad so she could see the world

I said, “I’m ridin’ with my windows down”
That’s just how I feel right now, that’s just how it feels
I don’t wanna waste no time
I just wanna take what’s mine, gonna take what’s yours
I said, “I’m ridin’ with my windows down, this is”
That’s just how I feel right now, that’s just how it feels
I don’t wanna waste no time
I just wanna take what’s mine, gonna take what’s, uh (The world is yours)

Love and peace will conquer (Love, peace, strength, it got us)
And clip the wings of evil and unjust
You’ll see
The world is yours, baby

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