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Imelda May & Noel Gallagher – Just One Kiss Lyrics

Just One Kiss Lyrics – Imelda May & Noel Gallagher

What you said
A simple little phrase
Can only go to my head
Bad side. Good side.
Upside down
You were foolin no-one
When you said let’s fool around

Just one kiss
But what could come from this

Movin’ like an animal
Got caught in my eye
You pull me a little closer
Dancin’ thigh to thigh
You had to run away
You headed to the door
I counted to one
And you were back for more

Kneel at my temple
Drink from my well
Oh babe the only way is down
If you’re headed to hell
Hold your head high
Look at my lunar eclipse
Send me to heaven baby
With your lips

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