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Yo, you good?
Everything about JPEGs I like
Yeah, yeah

All of my babies is active
All my money out the bank
Pretty thot, make her put the cash in the mattress
I don’t be sendin’ them nothing (Ooh)
Straight slut with the flashing (Ooh)
Niggas can tell that you frontin’ (Truth), duff man
Every episode, I’m sippin’, I feel so disgusted
Piss drunk, thinking ’bout how niggas jealous of me when I loved ’em (Mm)
Niggas ain’t loyal at the function
Ink dry, crackers took the whole pie and gave you a fraction
Cut it out, smut it out, pistol poke if you play with my passion
It’s a whole new world but it looks like my map loaded first, y’all lagging (Huh)
White writers wanna paint me as edgy
Except you can’t handle the facts that I’m rapping
Unbelievable, young Jerry Stackhouse
Don’t nobody wan’ play with me, back up
Fuck your playlist, I do what I want now
Made this beat on a binge with a bussdown

Forty five on the kimber, 3 holes in the trigger
The new ones got butterflies on ’em now
I think I am a killer, came back from Kuwait and these niggas is looking like targets now
I ain’t sippin’ no liquor tonight ’cause that korbel got me feeling broken like Hardy now (Damn)
And you niggas ain’t niggas, you just became niggas ’cause niggas is making a profit now (Fake-ass nigga)
White boys scared of Peggy in private, but postin’ they black squares now
When you see me, better say it with your chest and you better have a vest, because I don’t waste rounds (Yeah)
Give a fuck about a check, give a fuck about respect
If the SIG jam, kut it klose, lay your body down
702, all I want is a sound
Bombing on you, this is the lyricist lounge (Ayy)
Twin Kimbers, Prince and his blouse
Lost world when I’m back in the town
Stainless, I brought the raptors out
Bloodhounds babies trackin’ ’em down
Close or away make you spirited now (Now), yeah

Alright, last chance, enemies end up on last dance
Spinnin’ that pussy, go back in, back out
Eating ass, feel like Pac-Man
Rich and bitter, black batman
Industry don’t wanna back him
It’s alright though, still successful
Government still wanna threaten you
All guns still registered, mhm
Hipster niggas, so regular, up in Williamsburg, lookin’ hella dumb (Fact)
I used to try to be nice to ’em, now I just know that they jealous of me
Faded all of my DMs (Yeah), apologize then delete ’em
Crackers threatened not to cover me
Whole staff white, ain’t no colorin’
Must be a cab night, Eric Sundermann
Ayy, you and Andy Cohn just smotherin’ women
You threaten my money, I’m snatchin’ your spirit
That’s why I feel nothing for none of you bitches
Leaders is rapists, rest of y’all suspicious
That liberal arts degree really ain’t hitting
Fuck it, time to hit tacombis, do dishes
Your boss is a rapist, what did I do? I missed it
Black, beautiful, and damn, I’m gifted
You being white just got you that position
You not with the shits, you not good at business
You vague with your threats, I’m direct with my pistol