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You weren’t put here to sit and do nothing
You were put here to evolve
Millions of years of DNA twisting and changing
Your consciousness is the result
The burden of a life
Is a blessing in disguise
Be wise and you’ll be pleasantly surprised

So, who gives a fuck what they say?
Stick ya finger in their face
They’re not moving at the pace
You’re moving at my brother
Don’t give them any of ya time
Don’t let them into ya mind
Man, they can all suck a dick
But don’t come near mine

Get out of my head
Out of my thoughts
Every manifestation be gone
Screwed up, choose to reboot
Like Disney do and move on…fuck!

This whole god damn world tried to break me
Now I’m the opposite of what I’m supposed to be

Break me
I can smell the shit on your saliva
How about you use it as fertiliser?
Break me
Now you can choose
You can either create or you consume

Dribbling shit, trying to vent
Dunno if I meant a word that I said
I’m trying to vent
Now don’t take offence if I don’t make sense
I’m just trying to vent and get
This nonsense out of my head
Out of my head, out of my god damn head

You wanna put me in a box
but my name ain’t jack
You want me to be just like you? Fuck that
You don’t gotta do whatever they tell ya
You are a human, you’re not Alexa
You’re matter, but it don’t matter
I’m running rings around them like Saturn
Controversial, dressed in purple
Like that bad guy out of Batman
I’m quite the enigma, now aren’t I?
My old posts, they archived
My dick’s hard, I can’t lie
You be soft, like Farcry
My life is like a movie, I’m Tommy Wiseau
If I don’t got tweezers I’ve got one eyebrow
I just do whatever the fuck I like now
Did me so hard I gotta lie down

There is no stopping me
I suck at sport so I smoke the reefer
But I still kick goals like Fifa

I don’t stay the same I evolve