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TO THE GRAVE – [•REC] Lyrics

[•REC] Lyrics – TO THE GRAVE

Do you ever get the feeling you’re being watched?
I hope you question every light in the dark
Shut it down, listen closely for the sound.
Smile for the cameras clown, you’re fucking done now

Should see the look on your face.

So put a mirror to the monster and what do you see?
The top of the food chain or the runt of our species?
All we know is to bite our tongues off
And claw at the scraps, salivating as the limbs drop

The threats roll in but they won’t do shit, I guarantee
Get close enough, they’ll find me with your throat in my teeth
Come get me pig, lock us up and see what difference that makes
Off comes the head of the beast and two grow in its place.

Pry their fucking eyelids
They’re gonna want to see this

Chew your razorblades, say your fucking prayers
Holy water burns the blood on your hands

So do your parts, trade your hearts, still take part.
Are you happy now? I see you looking at the mess you made
Should see the look on your fucking face.

Now you’re all alone in a bloodsoaked hell
And the only way out is to kill yourself.

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