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Cochise – Usopp Lyrics

Usopp Lyrics – Cochise

Dee B got that heat, got that heat, got that heat
(Bullet) Uh, (Bullet) uh
(Bullet) Uh, (Bullet) uh
(Bullet) Uh, uh, uh, uh
Uh, uh, uh, uh
Uh, uh, uh, uh
Uh, uh, uh, uh
(Yo’ Cochise, a weh dem a seh?)

Pull up I’m floating, uh
Pull up I’m float—, yeah, yeah
Pull up, I’m floating, yeah (Pull up, I’m floating)
I got lotion, yeah (I got the, I got the)
I got the potion, yeah (I got the, I got the)
Shawty she pokin’, yeah, yeah, yeah (Shawty she poke, poke)
Money, I’m up in the Mars (Mars)
Baby, I’m up in the stars (Yeah, yeah, bullet), yeah
I told lil’ shawty to wait (Wait)
No, I don’t do any dates (Okay)
Shawty she feeding me grapes (Yeah)
No I don’t really like all your traits (All your traits)
Captain Usopp, he bust at your grape (At your grape)
Pray to God, he forgive all the hate (All the hate)
All these blessings, they stickin’ like tape (Stickin’ like tape)
Okay wait, hold on, we at yo’ gate (At yo’ gate)
Ain’t no runnin’, we do ’em like Drake (Yeah, yeah)
I told Erika, make me a plate (Yeah, yeah)
Some asparagus toppled with steak (Yeah, yeah)
Ichigo, I got my blade on me (Damn)
Shawty, she pull up and lay on me
Get the Bible, I don’t need the K on me
All the money, it comin’ like hay on it

Usopp, one in the head
Your shawty she diggin’ the dreads
Usopp, one in the head
Your shawty she diggin’ the dreads

I’m in the kitchen cookin’ like I’m Ned
Heard that he addicted gettin’ to this bread (Yeah)
I’m in the shadow chillin’ like I’m Zed (Yeah)
Boy, where you goin’ grab him by the leg
He bust out a nigga, leave a nigga red
How do he bust a nigga with no lead
Bet I’m the monster underneath your bed
Pray to my father that I don’t end up dead
Wake up this morning, I getting these racks (Bullet)
I had to get up and chase me a sack
That boy, he talking, I know he don’t cap
Why that boy runnin’ we not playin’ track
Send me a hundred, evading my tax
I got room for my nigga [?] like Max
[?] ball, I relax

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