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Flock of Dimes – Price of Blue Lyrics

Price of Blue Lyrics – Flock of Dimes

i’m waking up from a dream
i can feel but i can’t see
i’m suffocating the spark
of divine you made in me
but you were more than the grain of sand
that made the pearl
two fingers on the dial
and when you think of beauty i’ll be there
alone behind the eye of your electric stare
reflections in your mirror i’ve become
alone with you, the price of blue
so you can keep to yourself
with the best of everything

and i can wander the wreck
amazed and shivering
but who wouldn’t take something
for nothing
for nothing and run
two pages into one
and when you find your wisdom
i’ll be gone
the comfort of the proof
of what was wrong
so look me in the eye
as long as you can stand
alone with you, the price of blue

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