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Forrest Nolan – Still Friends Lyrics

Still Friends Lyrics – Forrest Nolan

You said that you heard
This could be good inspiration, I laughed
mostly from discomfort
and stopped making eye contact
I hope your feelings
weren’t hurt too bad when I did that
people tend to laugh
when you say a funny joke
or just a quote
like one from the office
where I kind of expected
like hey can we talk
I haven’t been that happy
It’s over

so don’t try to change my mind
we’ve done this 3 times now
and I think we’re both ready for a change in both of our lives
I’ll always care about you but it can’t be in the same way
that’s just not how things work

you said that your so glad
that we spent the time the we did together
I agreed completely and cried in elation
that we’re on the same page
first time in a long fucking while
people tend to change
when you get them thinking
they did something wrong
even when they didn’t, even when you tell them
they’re perfect
they’re welcome to come by to your house
any time

so don’t try and change my heart
this is the part where you leave
with a kiss on the cheek
not the lips
and it breaks my heart
to see you frown
but it hurts even more
when I see you smile
at least for a while
wish we could talk on the phone
at least for a while

got a feeling
I’ll feel much better
though might take a while
maybe when I’m older
maybe when your older
so old we buy coffee together or separate
just old enough that we’re
still friends

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