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NOFX – Birmingham Lyrics

Birmingham Lyrics – NOFX

I don’t wanna go to sleep at night
I wanna stay up tied and try this song right right
I don’t care if you think is wrong
With a blue and white help me compose my most fucked songs

When I’m with NOFX
Or having bondage sex
I seem to function
When I’m alone
It’s just self destruction
It was 6:00 A.M
I was watching Horace and Pete
It made me heal
Crush a pill and do a line
And slug a Johnny Walker neat

The sun was coming up
So I bought another gram in Birmingham
I needed some rest
But that show really depressed me
It’s a good thing that that city
Has online delivery

When I wake up and touch a floor
I never seen before I must have been sedated
I’m sure that I have a smile on my face
Even though I was most likely violated
‘Cuz when the drugs work right
You can’t remember the previous night
You probably made some really bad decisions
‘Cuz if they weren’t bad the drugs must have been
And you’re at home laying on your couch
Probably depressed
‘Cuz you’re watching Horace and Pete

Taking an advil
And drinking Pellegrino neat

What’s the point of doing more?
When the drugs don’t work no more
That’s when I realized that while scraping the floor in Birmingham

Why’d I need to score?
When the drugs don’t work no more
That’s when I realized what I am in Birmingham

I don’t like doing drugs
I just like doing more
Then it’s time for a dram and another gram in Birmingham

I wake up happy not depressed
After just a eight hours rest
Then it started again the very next night in Nottingham