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Rostam – 4Runner Lyrics

4Runner Lyrics – Rostam

the first time they took me down
i went down swinging
second time, i didn’t put up a fight

i take the keys down from the hook
i pick you up from work
we stick to the straight roads up the west coast
and i feel a part of me slide

when the trucks drive by
i feel ‘em sway us side to side
you’re underneath a blanket on the backseat
i’m going station to station on the dial

don’t wanna be pretty like a girl
i think i’m pretty much your boy
you wear a baseball cap all the time
and keep a knife in the passenger door

sleeping behind the wheel
pulled over on the freeway
4Runner , stolen plates
long, long gone

take off a shift for me
i’m waiting down the street
take all the time you want
to come come come

last time we did it
we both knew it hit different
lying down across the front seat
used to leave you weightless and listless

when the trucks drive by
i feel em sway us side to side
i used to keep u up all night
u used to drive when i got tired


i think we’re getting close
i think we’re getting closer
we got this 4runner
and we been good together

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