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Xiu Xiu – Rumpus Room Lyrics

Rumpus Room Lyrics – Xiu Xiu

Pills like a maracas
You don’t care who hears
It costs a lot, to feel this cuckoo
What is a faith, without a crisis
Just let them be, as a crisis

No posture, bad posture
Flaming Hot Cheetohs, Fuego Takis,

Rumpus rumpus room room
Black black blue blue blue blue
Rumpus room Krampus room
Electric black black black blue blue

Don’t do it
Accused of being pretty
Never smile never cry
Don’t do it
Fingers castanet-ed
Lovelessly chalked, lovelessly dried

Don’t trip on your skates
You cough a lot

Don’t you want, to openly like me
A coconut hits you on the head
Old phone, needy and around
Chili Fritos, Original Bugles

Unwrap a cutieeeeeeeee

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