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Boy In Space – Remember Me Lyrics

Remember Me Lyrics – Boy In Space

Heavy heart since I met ya
In my head heavy metal
Caught me by surprise
Late night Uber just too get a tattoo

You’re a foot I’m a pedal
I’m a dog in your kennel
But then I don’t mind
It’s a ghost town but I pass through

Wish I left you in the dust too spend your time
So there’s no chance to run into you down the line

But when I think about you I just get so high
I’ve had these dreams about you, but I know they won’t come true

Stuck in my head like melodies
Can’t get you out no remedy
Wish I could wipe my memory

And I will burn like gasoline
Just light the match I’ll be your fiend
And when I’m gone remember me

Empty room at a motel
4 walls for me and I
In an endless night
Tears run’ dry by the fire
I wish I left

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