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Felly – Contradictions (freestyle) Lyrics

Contradictions (freestyle) Lyrics – Felly

I gotta go harder
I gotta go find me the energy that I first started with
I gotta go slower, I gotta relax
And sit back and embrace all my accomplishments

I gotta give more
I’m selfish in all that I take for the sake of abundentness
I gotta get more I don’t have enough
And shit lately I feel anonymous

Can never be sure
I’m certain of that
I’m so insecure
I’m so confident

I need me a girl
Who let me have girls
On second thought
Ill be monogamous

The things with this world
Its like nothing matters
but everything comes with a consequence
I need to be woke
But then I go drink and get thrown until I get incompetent

I need to get sleep
I need to be up
I need to smoke
I need to fuck

I gotta pay bills
I gotta just chill
I wanna kill
I’m nonviolent*

I don’t wanna die
I can’t for the end
My life is a lie
My bitch is a 10

I’m better alone
I could use a friend
I need to express
They don’t understand

I need to kill my desire
The buddha man said that’s the reason I’m suffering
I need a routine, a structure
my life is so fucking monotonous

I need me a God
I need me a devil
I’m spitting that shit
And she swallowing

I’m Jack Johnson, Heavy metal
Nothing is wrong
I Don’t know what problem is …

Energy don’t lie
Energy don’t die
Hennessy in my eyes
Watch out for facades
Handshakes and head nods

Try to do it like God
Try to do it like Me
Be yourself if you G

Contradictions still alive
The real truth is inside
Don’t you pay me me no mind

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