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Watching the world go round
World go yeah world go round
To unfamiliar feelings and unknown sounds
Unknown sounds unknown sounds
Slippin’ through my fingertips
Hey Lingerin’
Shoulda woulda coulda where’d I put the pen (Whoa)
Make a list of all my failed attempts
Runnin’ out of space again
Highlight all the things I wish I never said (Stop)
If healing makes you stronger I’m the weakest
That would mean that I would have to separate from my beliefs it’s not a secret I’m a puzzle
Got a lot of missing pieces
Underneath this
Strong persona I put on a kid that’s screamin’
Aren’t these waters so deceiving (So deceiving)
They look different don’t they well at least that’s how they seem to me cause
We just
Drift and drift and drift until we see something
That we define as peaceful
Grab the needle shoot reminders in my veins that people leave you while I’m driftin’

Lots of gossip I’ve been watchin’ you
How you’re talkin’ to yourself is rude
Driftin’ I’m in the same boat as you
Sinkin’ dreamin’ screamin’ for some truth
And my my Escalator’s broke
I’ll take the stairs I guess
Climb until I’m out of breath
Questioning my every step (Woah)
My train of thought is leading me to different tracks
Positive that where I’m at
Is not where I should stay and that’s (Why)
Told you look into the mirror and say I love you
Convince yourself that no one in the world would ever want to
Passing by the people that have been there to support you from the get go
Drive you mental
Might get stressful when I’m driftin’ I… see you in the distance
Askin’ me why I’m so distant
I’m convicted
I’m convinced that I predict that all my wishes on my wish list
Won’t be heard cause I’m committed
To the lie that feeling safe is unrealistic
When I’m driftin’

Ignorant to my ignorance…
Tell me I’m worth it God
Give me the faith to rise
And help me diversify
To take a step forward, immersed in my Belligerence, amplified
The feelings and words collide Intensified
By living a life deprived
I’d rather be burned alive
Then go back to thinking
I’m insignificant (Insignificant)
Every impotent moment debated can trigger it
God is my witness definitive
Holding my head up there isn’t a Innocent bone in my body but that’s what gives me the energy lacked to renovate
Have to innovate
Past intimidates
Can’t remain afraid