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Feels like I work my hardest when I’m at my lowest
Even unhappy people can have happy moments
Even small circles fold when the people you chose are
Lookin’ at you like you owe em that money your grossin’
Brief seconds that impacted my life
On a huge scale weigh em like what’s wrong and what’s right
Predictions I predicted often arrive
Like they own the place… and suffocate the areas that I thrive
Had some disagreements
Business model got some cracks that’s your biggest weakness
Way before I got involved you knew that ship was sinkin’
So telling me to dive in water you won’t dip your feet in
Tends to make me question you for lots of reasons
Keep twisting my words
You got some courage I applaud you
Tables they turned
But was it worth
What it cost you
Watch and observe
Lot of concerns
In my heart still
Angry and hurt
Got what you earned
Being prideful
Prideful (Yeah)
Taking what you need then
Blame it on me
Man that’s so
Callin’ me conceited
Oh that’s how you see it
Well that’s so
That’s so
Guess that’s what I get for being faithful
Oh you think
I’m soulless cause the Bank’s full
Oh you think I’m heartless cause I made dough
Yeah That’s so Painful
Didn’t know what you was doing on the down low
Yeah Still you out here actin’ like it’s my fault
Yeah I ain’t never said I was an angel… no
I know myself enough to know what I need
Showed ya true colors I don’t like what I see
Story keeps changin’ I know what that means
Know what that means I know what that means
How’d you go from being that somebody
I believed
In to being someone doubting me behind the scenes
Can’t forgive a sorry that I ain’t ever received
I mean least you coulda done was gave me an apology
But you’re so…