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I’m not on your radar then your radar’s broke
Don’t blame me for the way y’alls jokes
Fall flat get your mouth slapped ain’t no hoax
I get an inkling they picked me for the weak link
I’m gonna have to pose
A question for the ones that don’t
Except that I been exceptional
Cause the moment I get involved
Is the moment a song takes off
So how could you think I wouldn’t last long
In a game that…
I was made to play what do y’all take me for
Rest assure
When I do come back to tour
It’ll be Christmas morn -ing in a way cause
I’mma wake up
With a present so big they’ll jump for joy
Let it be known I’m better when I’m out of control
I cannot be the butt of a joke
I’m cutting in the front of you posers
Talkin’ like you really a pro when
You ain’t even part of the convo
Nothin’ but an amateur
I’ll slow
Down when I wanna colossal
Only way to put it if I chose I could be bigger maybe consider it
A bit of
It was helping you all to
You condescend (You’re gone)
The consequences (Are)
Hard to miss
It’s common sense (I’m on)
One so wrap your head around it or
I might have to get up off the porch
Show you how it’s done I got the form
Power trippin’ on me get destroyed
Pull the plug
I’m rolling up the cord

Fool me once shame on you
Fool me twice shame on you
Fool me three times hold up rewind
That’s not even possible
Me I keep it honorable
Who’s your favorite let me know
Tally up, count the votes
Wasn’t me?
That’s a joke
Hey that’s a joke
That’s a that’s a joke
Took a minute now
I’m at the better end of all of it
The day I wanna quit will be a bitter one to swallow cause I meant it when I said
I wasn’t really into audibles
I guess you gotta call em when your odds are at the bottom an
They’re stacking up against you it’s a pity
But they gotta give
A nod to me I’m runnin’ with the best I been the kind to make a
Profit off of everything you told me wasn’t possible
So why would you continue with the narrative
And not admit I’m
Somewhat incredible
Look of a general
Hit em with the end of a shovel
They wanna forget it
I put em in the ground and I get up
And open the pit of
My stomach to remind em again I’m
A whole different animal
Whatever the case I’mma get it I’m in it no doubt I
Would give it everything if I gotta
But not if the commas
Are pushin’ me to run with the common
The jokin’ aside if
You took away the dummies and biased
You’ll notice that I am… insane!
Improved a lot but I still feel
It’s hard to keep… my lid from poppin’ off
But I prevail
How you gonna skip over the details
And tell me to be focused hold that… thought
Don’t tell me you mean well
If you don’t mean well
I call the shots but don’t need my hand held
When it comes to makin’ records
Who you know does that better
The way I connect letters
You’d think that the alphabet was
Made by me when it comes to story tellin’
I’m great at it tune in or get tuned out…
My face got redder
Cause I’m embarrassed for the ones unaware of my work what did I stutter
Known to be cordial
But those that think that never seen me in a warzone
My de-livery gets better every time I spit
I don’t keep my sword low
Tell me why would I do that… doesn’t make sense when you’re in a game this cut throat
(If) you wanna maintain control
Then you gotta keep up if you can’t handle the work load
Somebody else… will
How could you call me… un-skilled
That’s like lookin’ at Mount Everest and then… calling it a small hill
Not at all thrilled I’m in awe still
Tryin’ not to… laugh but it just spills
Out sometimes… I been writin’ chill
Just chew on this till the record’s built