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NF – TRUST Lyrics

TRUST Lyrics – NF

Focus on it every single day
I wanna figure out a way to get ahead of what I think
I know is coming
It’s obvious you got a problem if you’re always tryin’ to make it seem as if you’ve never been afraid…
Then why you runnin’?
I could never look at what I do the way that other people can and walk away
I can’t be
Separated from it
Sticking out my neck is how I made it where I’m at you wanna cut it off but can’t
Man they could never take it from me I’m…
Outlandish Take chances Gotta get it while I can with
My damage
My sanity
Could leave but if it vanished
Don’t matter
To me I’d still manage
Guess you could say I’m at an advantage
My vantage
Point can be quit lavish
Got so many cadences no way to pick one
Which bag is my hand in
Depends what mood I’m in
Oh no I’m in a mood again
Lord knows I’m a hooligan
Losin’ it
Who can get
Gruesome with You if it
Comes down to it you can bet
I shoot direct
Defuse the threat
And they wonder why the music has a huge effect?
Could it be cause I’ve been the go to when it comes to depth?
Cause I’m the one that they be calling when the people get fed up
And want the music with the visuals
I got a vendetta
For any part of me that wanna make it hard to get set up
And take away the happiness
It can be kinda pathetic
But when I look at everything that’s tryin’ to give me a headache
I gotta be honest I’ve really been the cause of it get it
Cause I can see a side of me you’ll never see
You can tell when I’m at the breakin’ point
I finally had to sit with the devil
I went into hell and I asked em what the problem is yellin’
He tried to get me to live with him even called me a sinner
And told me everything about me doesn’t feel like a winner
So why continue when he’s telling I might as well give up?…
I took a moment thought about
It feelin’ caught In the middle
But got offended when he told me
I would live in a kennel
And I could never leave it even if I made to heaven
He’d find a way to get me back and send a demon to get to me I’m like woah
Hold up I don’t think so
Skin and bones
Meet my ego
How’s he look?
He don’t eat much
Let em starve I don’t feed em I just beat em I just leave em
In his room
In the fetal
Let em cry
Let em yell
Let em scream I don’t need em
Lift off
When I’m ticked off
My pitfalls I latch on to like a pit dog I sit calm with a
Sick thought of a Sitcom of the life
I live Life I lives
More like a sci-fi flick I hide in
Wanna watch dive right in
My silence Doesn’t mean… I’m dyin’
Just means I’m careful with the time I spend
So look –

Look what I look what I done
Helpin’ the people I love
My life is not what it was I’ll do whatever I must
Count on one hand who I trust
Count on one hand who I trust
Count on one hand who I trust
Count on one hand who I trust Tech N9na next king up everyone knowin that Imma death bringer
That lingua vexing ya leaving a regular rapper resting bruh (chyeah!)
This is what I give it such an incredible wicked rush a vivid gush
Of poetical livid stuff to rid his gruff said I better go rip it rough and I lit it up!
The prestige I gather from people lovin the Tech speed (whoop) lyrically elect me
Jet Li the beat it got ya bobbin until ya neck bleed (whoop) that is tellin me let’s feed
On the bitter the bogus the hitter will focus deliver the doses and give a critter the dopest
Spitter to flow sick and now the quitter corrosive a swig of the roguish’ll give your liver cirrhosis (chyeah!)
The boogie monster reppin with NF in the hoodie want ta step into the session and fully conquer
The weapon to lessen our profession go bully bonkers (chyeah!) left in wreck never checkin nor could he stomp us
(Take his crown) thought he was gonna make us run away in a battle with his (fakish frown Shake his ground) like I’m the Mechagodzilla I’m such a killa when I (break it down)
These flows are the cheat code for the weak Joes that need those Elite bro’s with the heat so they can eat on the D low off a beast yo ego got it vetoed (chyeah!)
Please close your beak foes delete scrolls taken from me thiefs chose to try to decode (chyeah!)
Reload the beat so I can reach each soul no cease no finito release go!
I am the chosen an everyone is beholding my energy is golden cause dominion is being broken
From enemies in the open approachin
I’m never jokin the remedy being spoken
I’m hopin that you’re soakin it up! (chyeah!)
I’m in the motion I’m dope and I’m never chokin my devotion to floatin like an ocean the Holy Ghost and I’m scopin the evil folk and revokin the wicked notion
I’m croakin I’m really floatin and quotin that I’m closin it up (chyeah!)
Talkin behind my back end up where N9ne is at see me and say!
Kinda wack you could not find the knack hit you with a rhyme attack freely and spray!
Imma beat you cause I’m greedy and slay if you’re creepy and cray
Imma eat you Like PB&J! Kiwi and grapes
Imma demolish em when the T be in play pray!
A stunna recordin in my number 3
Jordans Dungaree sportin the tongue on me is gonna be scorchin the punishing hunter eat like a hung-ary orphan (chyeah!)
T9 and NF are elephants in the room without a closet for skeletons
Quit embellishin a demon from hell is sent yell it went
Donny you’re outta your element!