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ric wilson – WOO WOO WOO Lyrics

WOO WOO WOO Lyrics – ric wilson

I don’t go everywhere
That the wind blows
Chi nigga
talk fast
But move slow
You complain
You complain
But been broke
Yo fault
They fault
Nigga who knows
From the land
Of gas station and Dunkin d’s
Chips and cheese
Grand Prix
Come rolll with me
I was raised by
Baby d’s
Mikey’s d
To Pulaski street
They say that I’m chosen
All way
From Posen
To roseland
Every door that’s closed
Got an open
If you know
If you don’t
Then you don’t then
yeah yeah yeah
We ain’t chasing no clout
GPS no route
Name in no clouds
We like checks
That bounce
We like shoes in yo house
And feet on yo couch

Let me talk my woo woo woo
Blah zae blah
My bullshit

Mutherfucker my bullshit

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