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Young M.A – Successful Lyrics

Successful Lyrics – Young M.A

I could never lose, what you thought?
Bitch, I’m the Queen of New York
It’s Red Kyfe, I’m a big steppa
I bleed when I walk Big flexer
This chess not checkers but my checks up
When they talk down, tell ’em, “Bless up”
I ain’t giving no lecture
Cognac got me charged up like a Tesla
Foot on they necks, pressure
So many people let me down, why I would I let up?
Can’t trust these friendly niggas, nah, it’s a set up
I can’t trust these pretty bitches, MOB forever
My heart told me, “Fuck love, get your shit together”
And when you take a couple L’s, you gon’ win forever
Give up, I’ll never
I don’t give a fuck what you did first, I probably did it better
Six years independent, winning, will it end? Never
I’m a living legend, even when I die I’ma live forever
I’m one word with ten letters, successful
One word with ten letters, successful

Yeah, I’m God’s gift, but that bar shit, I’m the big devil
Can’t trick me, if she a gold digger, I’m the big shovel
I like a thick bitch with a thick bank and a thick schedule
And I’m the shit, bitch, and ain’t shit changed just a different level
I’m one word with ten letters, successful
One word with ten letters, successful
Now I’m top ten and if you think otherwise, suck my dick
I got it locked and I’m locked in I’m cut different, I am not them
It’s Red Lyfe and we tied in
They got me and I got them
They say I’ma go to hell for all of this sinning
Well, let me rot then
It’s time out for you niggas when I put the time in
No handouts, I put the grind in
Got in my bag and I got rich when I climbed in
They clock out when I clock in
‘Cause I’m the big spitta
Only competition I would probably have (Is what?)
Is a twin sister

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