Belly – IYKYK Lyrics

IYKYK Lyrics – Belly

The idea of you was my own reflection of distorted perception
Ethereal ether wrapped inside my misdirection
Missing signs and red flags
Until you end up on a missing sign
with your hair tied in a red rag
Just to reappear jet lagged

when I was young, I made myself a promise
I said only trust yourself
Nobody else is honest
Pay me dollars
Not homage
I’m sick of being modest, ironic
Blessings came from something so demonic
I got a million in diamonds inside the ultrasonic
The flow iconic still I’m so neurotic
I treat my product like narcotics
It’s economics
Every stream like a fiend
That wanna try the chronic
Big dipper, still tipping out of town strippers
I bet these hoes go down quicker than brown liquor
In my city at night watching the lights flicker
I’m getting high in the sky villa
my eyes swell up
I’m telling time on the sky Dweller
I keep my heart in a wine cellar
I try to tell em
Thoughts of you give my body chills
My only pleasure
I think I know how a diamond feel
I’m under pressure
30 pounds in a hefty
I hope the lord bless me
My pimp hand ambidextrous
Don’t make me go lefty (bitch)
Maybe im hard to understand
But these hoes get me
I ball hard
I should’ve got my own espy

My heart cold
I swear it feel like 50 below
I don’t let the pain show
If you know you know
Man you used to be my dog
But we don’t kick it no more
I still got love for you
If you know you know
My OG serving 10
He said the time moving slow
You gon be rich when you home
If you know you know
She could be your dream girl to someone else she a hoe
That’s just how the game go
If you know you know

If you know you know
You know
I told her If you know you know
You know the vibes bitch

If you know you know
You know
I told her If you know you know
You know the vibes bitch

How you still around the same bitches
got they nose in my business
Call it Cocaine interest
Heaven hell it’s the same distance
Cold like the winter solstice that became Christmas
No décor, millions in my floorboards
Money walk
Villains line the walls in corridor
No remorse
Before money
I’ve been rich
Whippin’ till this shit made my limbs twitch
The zombies came back with the skin itch
Thriller Live,
Faces like vanilla sky
I, Almost had to die just to feel alive
they can’t fill the size or
walk a mile in these Margiela slides
the revolution won’t be televised
nights become days
I made it out of hell unscathed
Might go back one day just to sun bathe
One way
High beams on
Doing top speed
Cold world, long as we alive we are not free

( All alone, I’m im alive I’m not me, all alone, if I’m alive I’m not free )