Belly – Money On The Table Lyrics

Money On The Table Lyrics – Belly

800 kilograms of cocaine were discovered and six people charged

I play to win
My old foes tryin to make amends (who?)
Just because we got the same enemies
That don’t make us friends
Nothin is making sense
I’m watchin angels sin
I’m seeing demons repent
For now I play the fence
When I got nothin left to give
That’s when they take offense
Life through these black shaded tints
Maybach Mercedes Benz
They came and went like pretend friends
In the latest trends (underdog)
Fuck an undercard I’m the main event
My body covered in tattoos and battle scars
Made it through the dark
I guess the sky was out of stars
Late night so high
We don’t say hi
We say safe flight
My energy big
I feel like Frank White

Money on the table like the poker stars (wow)
I send your bitch to Vegas where they overcharge
In the kitchen with the culinary (Griselda)
I smoke so much I’m fuckin up my pulmonary

I got two bitches one a ratchet and one my wife
One I cock before bed the other I kiss good night
I know that money made y’all soft not us we still hungry
Y’all make enough just to pay bills monthly and feel comfy
Any bitch I bought a bag for trust me she carried yay
I use to rarely play now everyday it’s Perrier
I stood on East ferry late
I was trapping but barely ate
Now it’s water in my jewelry case like Erie lake yeah
You know it’s money on the table like the poker stars
Nigga and I can make you famous when the coke dissolve
It’s hard to trust niggas they only begin off loyal
So the best advice somebody can give you is get a lawyer (motherfucker)

Too much stress
I was playin chess with the reaper
Million dollar man putting rappers in the sleeper
I mean this shit is crazy
They say I’m acting different lately
Fools good
I swear to god this shit fugazy
In the kitchen
Chicken’s on me whippin gravy
And life’s a bitch
But baby that’s the bitch who raised me
Life’s a bitch
But baby that’s the bitch who raised me
Life’s a bitch
But baby that’s the bitch who raised me