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Miguel – Triangle Love Lyrics

Triangle Love Lyrics – Miguel


Every kiss are stolen
Each and every time is back it’s time
Our silence is callin’
And [?] becomes a blur
‘Cause he loves you, he’s my bestfriend
You love me
Your just stuck in-between this
Tri, tri, tri, triangle love

And we just keep dancin’ on the edge of a sharpened blade
To me you [?] as your fit was sweet
‘Cause me guilty, mind filthy
Keep tradin’ my conscience to cop you
But every time feel like faith
Oh, my, I know you’re tired of tip-toeing around the truth women
Build up, build up
Very night, here we are
Your phone rings, you take the call
(Hey, where you at , I been tryna get ahold you)
And I’m a mess when you go, holidays
Tri, tri, tri, triangle love, yeah
Tri, tri, tri, triangle love (Tri, tri, tri)
Ooh-oh (Yeah)

Tri, tri, tri, triangle love, baby
Oh, yeah, [?] yeah
Tri, tri, tri, triangle love (Yeah, baby)
Oh Lord, oh (Answer the question)
Ooh-oh (Did you come)
(Yes, I came How many times?)
(First you went down on me and then we fucked)
(I was on top and then he fucked me from the back)
(‘Cause I’m a fucking caveman)