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xxsagexx – demon girl Lyrics

demon girl Lyrics – xxsagexx

try to take away all that i am
and you tell me that i’m still your friend

i don’t know how to be alone
and i can’t hear you from the other side

and you tell me that you don’t know why
but i don’t think this world lies

and they took away, another part of me
can’t be with you

what’s it like from the other side?
what’d they give you to make you blind?

made a mistake and they took you away
nothing works ever since that day

and i don’t know
yeah i don’t know
where to go from here

and i don’t know
yeah i don’t know
is there another way?

then i look inside
and i won’t lie
i realize
yeah i realize

no matter what they say, i’ll always be myself, i’ll be the demon girl.
i won’t compromise, it doesn’t matter if you’re with me.

can’t afford to live, telling all these lies, they’ve strung up in my head.
can’t control me anymore, i’ve got a life, and i’m gonna live it.

another day, i can’t escape
these feelings i have

they took away
a part of me
but i won’t give up

cuz we all make these mistakes
and i shouldn’t overcomplicate

but then i realize
it never mattered from the start

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