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Conway The Machine – Clarity Lyrics

Clarity Lyrics – Conway The Machine

Let me get it together

Look, five Cubans over this Chrome Hearts
Got all this ice on my chest, it go with my cold heart (Uh huh)
Christian Loubs, spikes on the bottoms, not on the toe part
Far as the bars go, I just go in and I throw darts (Talk to ’em)
My man played with keys like he was Mozart
Now he in the Feds ’til his children become adults for the most part
Seen that bitch that did me dirty, gave me that broken heart
She was on the back of the bus, watchin’ this Rolls I parked (Hahahaha)
Woo, gotta pardon my sense of humor, look
If I offended you, wasn’t my intentions to do it
It’s just, I ain’t sparin’ no feelings when my pen is movin’
I been in shootings and I sent men to intensive unit (Boom, boom, boom)
You ain’t winnin’ while I’m in it like MJ to Ewing (Hah)
I don’t play ball but Nike just sent my signature shoe in (Woo)
That shit speak volumes about the business I’m doin’ (Ah)
Link with Trae the Truth and Jay’ton when I’m visitin’ Houston, nigga (What up, twin)
Got a homie from ’round my way, Bobby Flay when it come to the stove (Hah)
Now he in the feds ’til he over a hundred years old
He stuck to the code, made a promise he wasn’t gon’ fold
Pressure bust pipes, lil’ nigga, no wonder you told (No wonder)
I live on the charts now, this is my humble abode (Uh-huh)
Less than two years, I done reached every one of my goals (Hahahaha)
If it’s go time, then you know I’m comin’ with poles
I’m tryna see how many shots that your stomach can hold (Brr)
Smoke a blunt of pressure so I can get some clarity (Uh-huh)
I take care of everybody, who gon’ take care of me? (Who gon’ take care of me?)
Conway Cares, I started my own charity, but still nobody cheer for me (Not at all)
What happened to them niggas that told me they always here for me?
Niggas don’t even hit my line no more, that shit is weird to me (That shit is weird, bro)
I just know they sound eerily similar to the shit you hear from me
I influenced they music, that shit clear to see, Machine, bitch (Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom)