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KALEO – Into My Mother’s Arms Lyrics

Into My Mother’s Arms Lyrics – KALEO

Some days I can’t face the world outside
I fall straight into my mothers’s arms
Oh and some days it feels like no one’s on my side
Then I look into my mother’s eyes
Into my mother’s arms
Oh, just feels like a child
Just like a child
Into my mother’s arms, where I
Where I shall belong
Where I won’t be home

Mh, some say, “If you never have to hide
If you just live within the line you draw”
But I know, if you take away the light
If you take away the light, it’s all dark, is it not?

Ooo, into my mother’s arms
Oh, just, just like a child, no
Just like a child, no
Into my mother’s arms
Where I, I don’t have to hide
And show my mother’s eyes

Mh, say “Hush child, lay your worries off the side
‘Cause you rest into your mother’s arms”