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Lil Yachty – Dynamic Duo Lyrics

Dynamic Duo Lyrics – Lil Yachty

Ay, lil’ Instagram hoe, how much you fuckin’ for? (And some head?)
After me, go in that room & show some love to bro (Let ya’ brother get ’em)

Fuck that fame shit (Bitch)
Bitch, don’t play that role (Bitch)
You just another hoe (Bitch)
You just ain’t been exposed (Yeah)

Ay, heard niggas looking for me, I ain’t hidin’ jack (Never)
I’m probably in that cat with an explosive on my lap (Boom)
Don’t no nigga round me stomach touch they back, that’s all facts
These niggas all cap, if we deep we all strapped (Grrra!)

They talk good in that studio, its all rats (They talkin’)
I talk good in that studio, its all facts (That’s facts)
The bro’s look like rappers but them niggas all trap
I’ll let that chopper scream like a text with all caps (Brrra!)

Murmur on his way, I love talking to my nigga (Where you from?)
Her head on my lap, she love talking to my zipper (Lock it)
Just make it hit yo’ back like you was coughing, lil’ nigga
Since you can’t stay in yo’ place, stay in this coffin, lil’ nigga (Sit there)

Ran into this famous bitch (Huh?)
She said want some coke (What else?)
I said, “Whatchu need, bitch? We got that by the truckload” (We got it)

She said she wanna do somethin’ (Woop)
Told her to get the fuck on
Bitch, you a custo, I serve I don’t fuck those (Bitch)

You know I got the drip, my sweater fifty Benji’s (Five Ben’s)
If I can’t fuck the bitch, then she must be in prison (Behind bars)
The competition non-existent, I don’t see ’em (Na)
Bro smacked him with that eagle, bitch, my niggas evil (Bitch, come here)

That’s why I thank God, I could eat with rap
‘Cause my gun like some silverware, yeah, I could eat with that (Eat)
Since he a hot head, add some more heat to that
Let that heater clap when he drop, we ain’t gon speak on that (Bow)

I’ll put them shooters on your doorstep (Knock, knock!)
They bring yo’ head back, I’ll tell ’em, “Nice job” (Good job)
Forty-five thousand for the Rolex (What else, nigga?)
Another 40 thousand for the ice job (Bling, blow!)

I just met my plug out in Vegas (Out in Vegas)
He bring that bag back, we doin’ flexin (We gon’ wax)
Rich nigga dick, bitch, taste it (Oh, taste it)
Don’t run, be a big girl, take it (Bitch, shut up)

The nigga shot my brother, he ain’t speaking (He’s not speaking)
Not because he anti-social, he ain’t breathing (We outta here)
Niggas say they got it out the mud
I wish I had it that good, I got it out the cement, hold up (What up?)

How the hate gon’ keep me under? (Huh?)
When the government couldn’t keep me down? (Yo)
Fuck the throne, I just want some money (Yeah)
Y’all can keep the crowns

Before my Momma went fed, she had key’s and pounds
Told her keep them racks out her trap, it’s too much cheese around

I don’t want no more rap friends, these niggas bitches (Yeah)
I don’t compete or beef at all, so that’s fictitious (Mmm)
I’m concrete as hell, fuck a scale, We’ll share the riches (Caw)
I just might ice out your bitch for washing dishes (Mmm)

We won’t give a fuck about his words and final wishes
I know some niggas from the burbs that’s pullin’ switches (Brrr)
Hit the corner soft, let it off, then skirted off
Now he seein’ demons every time he turn and toss (Check)

I know niggas taking Vicodin’s, they Randy Moss
I took several trips with a look-a-like Kate Moss (Caw)
My diamonds cost me extra, it’s okay ’cause it’s real VOSS (What?)
Did a lot of shit before the mask, I paid the cost
My lil’ bro a real street sweeper, he get it off (Jameis)
My main bitch, the flyest bitch alive, she never lost

Shit, I may never lose
This shit gon’ slap ’em hard, they’ll never snooze
My grip so damn tight on my sack, I left a bruise (Sack)
We beat that nigga lavish partner sleeping, there’s never rules (Caw)

If she got any thing out of me (Caw)
I wasn’t tricked (Caw, caw, caw)
They can only get my chain if I lose it, I’m never licked

My homie whacked a nigga and went missing, he really sick (Damn)
A bitch ’round my bitch can’t get much, but basic dick (Damn)
My old bitch was really old, born in ’86
Think before my OG got the music, had 80 bricks

Moves like the service drum, my hair like the Talibans
Dressed like the task force, with The Backyardigans
I’ll never invest energy in another man (Whoa)
Forty-five hundred on a Cartier Cardigan

I was just gettin’ neck from Armenians
If it don’t fit, we hit the tailor and we take it in
Don’t know why she was bein’ stiff, I had to break it in
Prayin’ for my niggas outside, I hope they make it in

Michigan Boy Boat
I’m ’bout to fuck these niggas up