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Lil Yachty – Never Did Coke Lyrics

Never Did Coke Lyrics – Lil Yachty

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (Ooh, SAV killed it)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (Right this way, right this way)
Yeah, I got this nigga on this Detroit shit, man (Go on, take your seats, take your seats, go on, take your seats)
When am I gonna start the show? Hah

My allergies fuckin’ up but my bitches ain’t
I just bought a crib next to mine and bought a shark tank
I just turned a clear color pop to dark pink
I might turn the top of my crib to a skatin’ rink

I might break a bitch and her friend for double C’s
Rap niggas been gettin’ money, but not like me
I rolled up in isx black Benz’s like Eazy E
Bitches always sneezin’ ’cause they nosy, get out my B
Said I’m in love with many bitches, but not like Ri
Niggas hate we gettin’ riches, they can suck my D
Eleven eleven, go make yo wishes me and Swae top three
And we not three

Bitch said I’m livin’ like a Wizard, this ain’t DC
I hate catfishes, I wanna fuck what I saw on IG
I told this bitch we just friends, just like Biz Markie
Would’ve thought I had a nose ring, ’cause all eyes was on me

I ain’t even pressed, I already fucked
Put them M’s in the chest, I’m already up
My big bro’s be psychos, they already nuts
It’s plenty love to go around, all the money get touched
I’m a first class nigga, I can’t settle for less
Fuck her friends off a hello, as soon as we met

I ain’t dog the bitch out, ’cause she wasn’t the type
But I had to tell her I already found the love of my life
Empty out a bag like I normally do
I can put you in a clip like I’m makin’ a movie

I’m so stiff on a bitch, had to call a masseuse
Teacher always hated me ’cause I was breakin’ the rules

That’s a jumpoff, she gon’ fuck me on the spot
Turn your phone off, yo nigga in his PJ’s, I’m a robot
Put a chip in his brain, I’ma big dog
When I flex I got gains

You got Benzes, I got a Benzes, but it ain’t the same
‘Bout a two-hundred thousand dollar difference, we in different lanes
Me and my niggas fuck on bitches when we feel pain
We don’t pop pills when we hurt, you niggas lame
You niggas weird
Promise anything happen that night, I wasn’t there
Anything that doesn’t involve my money, I never care

Tryna build a whole carrot garden in both my ears
Bitch got my name engraved, in both my spears
Looked at her kinda crazy, she gon’ think I’m huntin’ some deer
Everything that come out his mouth fake, he must have veneers
You ain’t been the same since you lost your boss, just like the Cavaliers

(Go) I’m a real problem
Can’t be solved just like world hunger, get them boys off me
Fucked his bitch, put my pants on backwards, had to criss cross ’em
Kick in his door, one shot to the throat, he better play possum (Boom)

These niggas knows us
Niggas not tough puttin’ on dem act, you a store runner
I’m a hoe hunter, I ain’t no goon, I got real shooters
Real Brims and real Hoovas, they don’t play on computers

I been doin’ this rap shit so long I might retire
Wrappin’ up this shit like I’m tired
Hundred thousand dollar watch from different suppliers
Niggas gon’ do what they gotta do just to provide

Ask about me, any city, they say I’m that guy
I done counted yen and euros, I’m world wide
Top of the buildin’, smokin’ certified
I ain’t put a baby in that bitch, but I fertilized it

Diamonds underwater, I just had to let ’em soak
I’m like E-40, man, just tell me when to go
Security had the shotty, he ain’t even need the scope
Pourin’ out the drink, never once did the drugs and coke