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Lil Yachty – SB 2021 Lyrics

SB 2021 Lyrics – Lil Yachty

Yeah, yeah, uh
(Who the hell is Carlo?) Yeah

It’s with Sada in this scuba boat, they call us the goats
Sippin’ tris, that’s my last resort, just like Papa Roach
Chanel jacket for my bitch, on the side Chanel brooch
Ain’t gon lie rather get to walkin’, before I fly in coach (Yea)
Yeah, niggas tired in demons when that shit start gettin’ slow
Woke up started leanin’, I can’t even feel my toes
My lil’ brother steady feignin’, I’m just happy it ain’t coke (Damn)
If it was I’ll prolly punch him in his nose
Man, I cannot believe what these niggas be doin’ for hoes
First nigga I called and hit the D was Scuba Steve
I love my bitch pussy cause it’s tighter than Iverson sleeve
Bitch get on my nerve give me a headache, give me some Aleve
Fuck that, thank God my opps got some money (Finally)
I was tired of beefin’ with them niggas, they was not on nothin’

Niggas ain’t never gon’ be on shit
Had the ski mask on the keyboard, act like I’m gettin’
Had the ski mask on yo lil’ hoe, everytime I went
Had the ski mask on your- (Uh)
Rack ’em up everytime I pull up (Yeah)
My godson grown as hell, don’t wear no Pull-Ups (Yeah)
Play around with DT and watch shoot your hood up (Yeah)
The only reason I know you over there cause y’all don’t do nothin’ (Yeah)
Y’all don’t never leave, huh, niggas don’t never eat, huh
I go through there eatin’, AKA Pooh Bear eatin’
I get extra cheese, whippin’ all that MedellĂ­n
She gon have sex with me, everytime you let her leave
Put the purse up on ’em, show ’em how that weather be (Yeah)
It be extra heat, nigga better not mess with me (Yeah)
Only be with gang, don’t like nobody where I’m from
Ain’t got no friends in my bity bitch quit actin’ dumb
Be with my brothers not no others, I ain’t got no love (Huh)
We do numbers every summer, that’s why we got guns
I still make a ton, serve that rocky cold, Tum Tum
I can’t hit the trap unless I’m bout to get a lump sum
Brazilian bitch gon’ eat the dick like fish water
I’ma pop a Perc so she can get the best Sada
Freaky bitch gon’ eat the dick like cassava
Look her in her eye like, bitch, don’t call me Casada
Swing that bitch like Oosthuizen, if you playin’ with my guala
Pull up in some Prada, smoke a nigga like some guava
Go cucaracha on your mama, I could sauce about them dollars
Shoot a nigga if he holla, give a fuck about no problems
Lil Yachty pulled up in Detroit, they ask me what a choppa was
You know I give it to him if he ain’t have no drugs

Ain’t nobody solidare, bitch we solitaires
I’m in Detroit, on my face is some Cartiers
Makin’ M’s writin’ for these bitches like I’m Tyler Perry
Prayin’ to my Jesus peace like I’m Bloody Mary
I (Uh)
(Uh, uh)
My way in her pussy
These niggas too sensitive ’round me, I think these nigga’s pussy
I rolled up on a nigga bitch like my name was Tootsie
Might could blow you up, but I need a chunk just like a chocolate cookie
I, really am (That nigga)
Yeah, I really pull up seven figures, that’s one call and they flip niggas
It’s us
Gotta flex everyday, I don’t wanna rust
Big shit, stuck in my garage collectin’ dust
Respectful man on my jewelry, If I must say
You ain’t suckin’ dick, so she better go catch that bus, bae
My earrings could protect the whole ice age